Click Wealth System Review - Is The Click Wealth System a Scam?

Click Wealth System Review – Unveiling the Truth Behind This Program

Click Wealth System

Welcome to my honest review of the Click Wealth System. Are you curious about what it's all about? Does it actually work? Can you make money with it? How much does it cost? Is Click Wealth System a scam or a legitimate opportunity?

I'm sure these questions have crossed your mind. In this review, I will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the Click Wealth System.

What is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is a training program that aims to help you generate an online income through Customer Middleman Arbitrage, which is essentially affiliate marketing. The system breaks down the process into simple, actionable steps that anyone can follow to make money online.

However, the problem lies in the way the creator presents the system and its potential. The claims made are often exaggerated and unrealistic. In this review, I'll delve deeper into this issue.

In a nutshell, the main concept behind the Click Wealth System is to choose a customer source, build a website (which can be done quickly using the Click Wealth System site builder), and direct customers from the source to your website and then to affiliate programs like Amazon, ClickBank, or eBay.

It's important to note that the process described above is a legitimate method of making money online. Customer arbitrage, or affiliate marketing, is indeed one of the most effective ways to generate income on the internet. As someone who has personally experienced success in affiliate marketing, I can vouch for its potential. It is beginner-friendly, easy to learn, and requires minimal upfront investment.

Within the Click Wealth System, you'll find a few short videos that explain this process, as well as access to pre-designed landing pages that can be used to promote ClickBank products and earn commissions.

However, I have reservations about whether this program is the best source of education on this particular business model. Keep reading to find out if Click Wealth System is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

I wouldn't classify Click Wealth System as an outright scam. While it may not be the ideal solution for building an affiliate marketing business, it is a legitimate program. The fact that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the opportunity to test it out and decide if it's right for you.

However, I must express my dissatisfaction with the way Click Wealth System has been marketed. The claims, overhyped statements, and unreliable testimonials remind me of numerous scams I've come across in the past. Similar patterns can be observed in programs like Commission Replicator or Perpetual Income 365.

Promising that you can earn $500 a day by working only 30 minutes is misleading and not a fair representation of reality. It's evident that even the creator of the program knows how unrealistic this statement is.

The utilization of tactics such as fake scarcity and overhyped claims is solely aimed at persuading more people to purchase Click Wealth System. These tactics undermine the credibility and trustworthiness of the offer.

Pros of the Click Wealthy System:

  1. Access to Content: When you purchase the Click Wealth System, you receive some content in return. This includes short training videos, a few DFY (Done For You) sales pages, and additional resources.

  2. Potential for Making Money: The system provides training on how to connect the sales pages with your ClickBank affiliate links and generate paid traffic to those pages. If you invest the recommended amount of money (at least $500 for traffic and $9 for Matthew's pages), there is a possibility that you can make money online using these methods.

  3. Legitimate Methods: The Click Wealth System is based on workable and legitimate methods of affiliate marketing, which can be a viable way to start an online business.

  4. 30-Day Refund Policy: Matthew's system comes with a 30-day refund policy. If you decide it's not worth it, you can request a refund through the ClickBank refund page.

Cons of the Click Wealthy System:

  1. Low-Quality Training: The Click Wealth System is considered a low-quality training program. It offers weak training on affiliate marketing for a low price of $9, which can be found for free on platforms like YouTube. The program consists of nine short video lessons and generic landing pages, which may not provide comprehensive knowledge or valuable insights.

  2. Hidden Upsells: The system includes hidden upsells, which require additional payments to access critical parts of the program. This can be a red flag, as it implies that the initial purchase may not provide a complete package or deliver the promised results.

  3. Misleading Sales Pitch: The Click Wealth System's sales pitch can be misleading and overhyped. The promised free gift may not be delivered, testimonials cannot be verified, and income claims are unrealistic. These factors raise doubts about the credibility and effectiveness of the program.

Is Click Wealthy System a Scam or Legitimate?

Click Wealthy System is not considered a scam, but it falls into the category of low-quality products. While it may not be a fraudulent scheme, it is not recommended for those seeking to start a legitimate online business through affiliate marketing. The system appears to prioritize the interests of its owner and affiliates, who aim to profit from inexperienced individuals.

The likelihood of making money through the Click Wealth System is minimal, particularly for beginners without the financial means to invest in upsells and costly traffic methods. Overall, the system receives a low rating in terms of quality and effectiveness.

If you are interested in trying the Click Wealth System, it is available at a relatively low cost of $9. However, if you are looking for a reliable alternative, consider exploring the best way to earn an income online, which has proven to be successful for many individuals.

How Does the Click Wealth System Work?

The Click Wealth System revolves around the concept of bringing the right customers to specific websites. The process involved is known as affiliate marketing, which entails promoting products from other individuals or companies through websites and marketing funnels.

Here are the three steps involved in the Click Wealth System:

Step 1: Choose a verified customer source from a verified insider list. The system teaches you how to promote products from platforms such as Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay. These platforms have affiliate programs in place and are willing to pay commissions for each customer you refer to their platform.

Step 2: Create a website using cloud-based software in less than 5 minutes. The Click Wealth System provides you with the tools to quickly create a website using cloud-based software. This process is designed to be simple and efficient.

Step 3: Become the middleman by redirecting the customer source to your website. As the middleman, your role is to redirect the verified customer source to your website, where they can access the products you are promoting. The system emphasizes the use of third-party autoresponders like GetResponse to manage customer interactions.

Overall, the Click Wealth System aims to streamline the process of affiliate marketing by providing a system for leveraging customer sources and creating websites quickly.

What Does Click Wealth System Offer? In order to provide an accurate review, I personally acquired Click Wealth System to examine its contents and assess its effectiveness with just a few clicks and minutes of work.

Additionally, I was intrigued by the promised free gift. However, disappointingly, there was no such gift. It seems that this was merely a deceptive tactic to lure individuals into the sales funnel, where they would encounter numerous upsells (which I will discuss further in the next section of this Click Wealth review).

Welcome Message Upon entering the system, you will be greeted by a dashboard that showcases its various features, accompanied by a welcome message from Matthew Tang.

This brief video primarily focuses on affiliate marketing, emphasizing the potential to generate substantial earnings through the Click Wealth System.

Click Wealth System Training

Within the dashboard, you will discover nine training lessons and gain access to a selection of done-for-you (DFY) pages.

The training videos provided are relatively concise, lacking in-depth instruction. They serve as brief tutorials on setting up your ClickBank account, utilizing GetResponse, and other basic functionalities.

Subsequently, you can explore how to utilize other features within CWS to potentially generate income.

Other Features Include:

  • Profit Pages – a few DFY landing pages that are practically worthless
  • Six Profit Pages – this is an upsell with more DFY landing pages
  • ClickTracker – this is a link to click-tracking software
  • Free 100 Click – you get some free clicks. 100 is not enough to make money
  • Profit Activator – this is another upsell
  • Traffic Source – this leads you to a page where you can order traffic
  • Click Profit Multiplier – a link to another upsell
  • Basic Broadcast – here you can find some DFY swipes

The Value of DFY Pages and Traffic:

Click Wealth System offers pre-designed and ready-to-connect DFY pages, which can be integrated with an autoresponder. While these pages do possess some value in terms of convenience, it's worth noting that similar pages can be created using free tools available. On the other hand, the system's traffic section provides guidance on purchasing solo ads and acquiring traffic for your money pages. This aspect does offer some value, especially with the inclusion of links and tutorials. Furthermore, DFY email swipes alleviate the need to craft emails from scratch, saving you time and effort.

The Challenge of Saturation and Duplicated Content:

One prominent concern with Click Wealth System is the potential for content saturation and duplication. Since all users have access to the same content and traffic sources, there's a risk of everyone simultaneously sending identical emails and directing traffic to identical money pages. This issue may impact the effectiveness of the system in generating unique and compelling results.

The Upsell Factor:

Perhaps the most significant drawback of Click Wealth System is the presence of upsells. It becomes apparent that Matthew Tang encourages users to make additional purchases, potentially boosting his own profits. While bonuses are provided, their practical value is questionable, leaving users with a sense of dissatisfaction and a perception that the system primarily aims to generate revenue through upsells.

Limited Content and Lack of Support:

Upon exploring the system, it became apparent that Click Wealth System offers minimal training, lacks a supportive community, and lacks additional tools or resources. With no substantial training material or assistance, users may find themselves left wanting, especially if seeking comprehensive guidance or a supportive network.

Pricing and Guarantee:

Click Wealth System is priced at $9 for a one-time payment, which grants access to the training program, site builder, and a Facebook group. The system includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing users with an opportunity to try it out without financial risk.

Upon purchasing the product, you will gain access to a sales funnel.

Within this sales funnel, you'll be presented with three optional upsells, which claim to enhance your chances of success with Click Wealth System, but in my view, they primarily serve as a means for the owner to maximize their profits.

Let's take a closer look at these upsells:

Upsell #1 – Click Wealth System Profit Activator – priced at $147

This upsell grants you access to five additional plugins designed to customize your websites, aiming to improve conversion rates and generate more leads.

Upsell #2 – Click Profit Multiplier – priced at $148

This cloud-based email marketing application enables you to effortlessly create email swipes with just a simple click.

Upsell #3 – 5x Profit Sites – priced at $148

The final upsell allows you to generate five additional DFY websites using cloud software.

It's important to note that you have the option to decline these upsells by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of each upsell page.

Interestingly, each time you reject an upsell, Matthew will offer you a special discount. However, in my perspective, this tactic feels rather desperate, aiming to coax you into spending your hard-earned money.

The Click Wealth System's sales funnel appears quite excessive to me. Matthew even goes as far as claiming that once you close the page and decline the upsell, you will permanently lose the opportunity to purchase it. This statement seems designed to instill a sense of urgency and pressure you into making a hasty buying decision.

Even if you decline those upsells, despite the initial claim made by Matthew, you will actually be presented with the opportunity to purchase them again once you enter the Click Wealth System member's area.

This raises concerns and questions about the honesty and integrity of the product. Why would someone resort to such deceptive tactics?

It becomes evident that this product is driven by unethical practices, with the owner prioritizing their own financial gain over providing genuine value to customers.

Upon reviewing the training materials within the Click Wealth System, I couldn't find any convincing evidence that this program would genuinely assist me or anyone else in achieving success with affiliate marketing.

The overwhelming feeling I had was that this program was a scam. However, before jumping to conclusions, let's summarize this Click Wealth System review by considering its pros and cons.

Who Can Benefit from Click Wealth System?

It's difficult for me to identify a specific audience that can truly benefit from this program, apart from its owner, Matthew Tang.

In my assessment, Click Wealth System appears to be a brief and questionable program that encourages users to invest substantial amounts of money in a confusing system without providing adequate education.

Even as an experienced marketer myself, I share a similar sentiment regarding Click Wealth System. I struggle to see who would truly benefit from it, apart from Matthew and affiliates who promote it on ClickBank to capitalize on unsuspecting newcomers.

Positive Aspects of Click Wealth System

To provide a fair assessment of Click Wealth System, I'd like to highlight a few positive aspects of this program for earning income through affiliate marketing:

  1. Customer Middleman Arbitrage is a Legitimate Business

Customer Middleman Arbitrage, also known as affiliate marketing, is a legitimate business model. Click Wealth System provides some insights into how this business works and how you can get started. However, as I'll discuss in the cons section of my review, the program is incomplete without expensive and undisclosed upsells, which raises concerns.

  1. Access to Training and Site Builder Software

Click Wealth System offers access to training materials (albeit incomplete) and a funnel builder software that aids in the creation of affiliate marketing websites. Many similar programs offer minimal value, but in this case, you do receive a considerable amount for just $9.

  1. Affordable Test Drive Option

For a nominal fee of $9, you can test drive the Click Wealth System. This grants you access to the basic training and the aforementioned website builder. While I typically prefer free trials, the low price point makes it an accessible option for those interested in exploring the system.

  1. 30-Day Refund Policy

Click Wealth System includes a 30-day refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with the program, you can request a refund through ClickBank within the first 30 days of your purchase, and their customer support will reimburse you in full. In other words, it's a risk-free purchase with the option of a refund.

In summary, while Click Wealth System does have a few positive aspects, it's important to consider the program's limitations and potential drawbacks, which I'll discuss in the following sections of my review.

What I Dislike About Click Wealth System

In this section, I will outline the aspects of Click Wealth System that I found concerning or problematic. It's important to be aware of these points before considering the program:

  1. Lack of Transparency Regarding the Owner: One major drawback is the absence of clear information about the owner, Matthew Tang. The sales presentation and official website fail to provide detailed background information, raising doubts about the credibility and transparency of the system.

  2. Unverifiable Customer Testimonials: The presence of customer testimonials during the sales pitch is meant to build trust and credibility. However, the lack of a verification process makes it difficult to determine the authenticity of these testimonials. This raises suspicions about their genuineness and raises questions about the reliability of the program.

  3. Potential for Fake Testimonials: In my experience reviewing numerous products, I have encountered cases where testimonials were fabricated to enhance the product's appeal. It's important to exercise caution and skepticism when evaluating testimonials, as they may not accurately represent the experiences of real users.

These concerns highlight the need for thorough research and critical analysis before making a decision about Click Wealth System or any other similar program. It's crucial to rely on reliable sources and gather sufficient information to make an informed choice.

"The Claim of 'Work Only 30 Minutes Per Day' is Misleading"

Matthew Tang's assertion that you can achieve substantial earnings with Click Wealth System by working just 30 minutes per day is not only overhyped but also deceptive. In my experience as an affiliate marketer, dedicating only half an hour each day to my business would lead to financial hardship rather than success. The reality is that affiliate marketing requires significant time and effort—it is a serious undertaking that demands consistent dedication.

The Absence of the Promised Free Gift

At the beginning of the sales video, Matthew tantalizingly promises a free gift for viewers. However, as I progressed through the Click Wealth System sales funnel, no such gift materialized. This raises the question of why such false claims were made. It appears to be a mere marketing ploy aimed at capturing attention and enticing potential buyers with the allure of complimentary items.

An Overhyped Sales Funnel Laden with Upsells

Throughout my purchase journey with Click Wealth System, I couldn't help but notice the relentless push for additional expenditures. The sales funnel was filled with exaggerated claims, enticing discounts, and even threats that implied a missed opportunity if I declined the upsells. This high-pressure approach raises concerns about the genuine intentions behind the program and suggests a profit-driven motive for the owner.

And in the end, I discovered the very same upsell waiting for me inside the dashboard as soon as I accessed it!

These repeated lies and deceptive tactics raise questions about the legitimacy of Click Wealth System. Is this how reputable programs sell their products? Or is Click Wealth System just another scheme designed to deceive people into purchasing unnecessary plugins and traffic?

In my experience, it seems to lean towards the latter.

Why do I say that? Well, I've come across countless products like this before, such as Multiple Income Funnel and Profit Passport, which follow similar patterns.

Limited Content: Only 9 Lessons and a Handful of DFY Pages

Upon examining the product, I must say it feels lacking and highly unlikely to deliver on its promises. Click Wealth System heavily relies on pre-designed DFY (Done For You) profit pages, which are accompanied by a meager selection of brief training lessons.

However, these pages are ineffective without traffic, and the training provided on this crucial topic is inadequate and insufficient.

Dependency on Paid Traffic

If you decide to invest in these pages, Matthew Tang will guide you through purchasing solo ads to drive traffic to your funnels and generate income. However, relying solely on paid traffic poses significant risks.

You have little control over the quality and origin of the traffic, potentially resulting in substantial expenditures on cold leads with little to no sales conversions.

Lack of Ownership over DFY Pages (Websites)

Another drawback of Click Wealth System is that you won't have complete ownership over those DFY pages. They are hosted on a sub-domain, which exposes you to significant vulnerabilities.

If Matthew Tang were to shut down the program, your entire business would vanish overnight. Furthermore, you won't have the necessary experience, knowledge, or skills to replicate the process, as Click Wealth System falls short of being a comprehensive training program.


Click Wealth System may not be a scam but it's likely not for everyone. Some people may find success with the system while others may fail to benefit from it. It's always important to do your due diligence and make wise decisions when making any kind of purchase.


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